• Attention! Have you or someone you know been arrested or charged with a crime? Remember...
  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Do NOT speak to the police or any state or federal prosecutor without your attorney present.
  • Have you or someone you know been injured in an accident? Remember...
  • Never admit fault, and keep records of everything.
  • Do NOT discuss your case with anyone without your attorney present.
  • Attorney Mark A. Sampson can provide you with the legal help you need...


Having to hire an attorney wasn't fun... but Mark was a pleasure to work with and helped me turn a bad situation into something that positively changed my life.

- M. Guadalupe Jaimez

Criminal Defense

Choosing the right legal representation will change the course of your life. Criminal charges can greatly impact your everyday life, your career, and your entire future.

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Mark A. Sampson

Mark A. Sampson is not a former Prosecutor. He has never prosecuted an individual on behalf of the Government. He has been committed to defending those who are charged with criminal offenses and will pursue injury claims with a diligence.

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Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident? We can help. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, then call us today. We will strive to obtain all of the compensation you deserve.

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  • Counties Served: Travis County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, Hays County, Caldwell County
  • Remember: Do NOT admit fault in an accident. Have your insurance information available. Do NOT communicate with the adjuster or anyone else NOT specifically on your side.
  • Did You Know: You only have 15 days to request a hearing before losing your license. Contact us right now for information that can save you time, money, and trouble.
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